Agricultural Pest Control

Affordable Agricultural Pest Control

Whatever type of farming and agriculture you are in; pest infestations are a major concern and pose a real threat to agricultural businesses.

Rats and mice (vermin) are a common pest experienced by most farmers, especially during the autumn harvest season; they are responsible for causing considerable damage to crops, equipment and property and spread disease among livestock.

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Other pests, including flies, gulls and pigeons can also cause problems and if left uncontrolled, the results can be disastrous.

Our specialist pest control contracts for farming and agricultural businesses are designed to ensure farmers have regular visits from a qualified pest controller all year round, and are fully compliant with specific farming and agricultural industry legislation, crop assurance, supermarkets and the EHO (Environmental Health Office) health & safety policies.

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We are familiar with the specific requirements of Assured Food Standards and the various product sector assurance schemes that make up the Red Tractor Logo:

  • Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS)
  • Assured Produce Scheme (APS)
  • Assured Chicken Production Scheme (ACP)
  • Assured British Pigs (ABP)
  • Assured Dairy Farms (ADF)
  • Assured British Meat (ABM)

Livestock & Poultry Pests

Several kinds of flies, beetles, and external parasites are a major concern facing poultry farmers. The shift from small farm flocks to larger commercial poultry operations has greatly increased these pest concerns.

The high density, confined housing systems used in poultry production today create conditions that favour the development of manure breeding flies and beetles associated with poultry litter accumulations.

External parasites are also of concern in confined housing systems.

The Process

  1. Contact us and site visit scheduled for within 24 hours
  2. Initial survey carried out by a member of the team, any immediate proofing and control methods installed with customer agreement
  3. Treatment visits carried out at customers convenience
  4. Post treatment report provided with summary of treatment, proofing installed and preventative recommendations discussed
  5. We reassure our customers that we are here to help and advise at any time after the treatment using our after service care
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