Pest Control Contracts

SGE Pest Control has a team of specialist pest control officers that have a great deal of expert knowledge in dealing with a wide range of pests and can offer advice on preventative solutions tailored to suit most commercial or business premises.

Why Do You Need A Pest Control Contract?

Without proper control, pests can:

  • Cause costly damage to your property and supplies
  • Destroy your reputation
  • Insects and rodents contaminate food, equipment and working surfaces with their excreta, hairs and they can be the cause of foreign body contamination
  • Spread disease as they carry bacteria, viruses and parasites which can be passed onto people
  • Rodents can cause fires and damage by gnawing at electric cables and puncturing pipes

Safeguard your investment and protect your reputation
We can provide:

  • An initial site visit to inspect and assess the situation followed by a written quotation detailing the level of service that will be provided
  • A range of options to cover rodents and insects
  • Report sheets detailing visits, treatment undertaken, location of bait stations and a summary and recommendations relating to any signs of pest activity
  • Non-toxic bait where required to reduce the risk of contamination especially in food premises
  • The price will be fixed for the year and reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet your on-going requirements
  • All equipment including secure bait stations will be provided as part of the contract
  • Free pest identification